About us

Krause Family is one of the oldest and experienced specialist of microsurfacing in Germany and Europe. Microsurfacing in today style was a co-development during the years of 1962 to 1968 between company Raschig, Ludwigshafen and Krause Darmstadt. The so called RALUMAC system of chemistry and care of quality control for all related component became the world most successful microsurfacing system.

The scope of Krause activities included building the first complete mobile mixing and application pavers, inventing spreaderboxes in V-shape as well as laboratory services for quality control and the right concept of marketing. Krause pavers (built from 1970 to 1999) still are under works in many countries and has been copied nearly from all the European machine producers.

Krause Technology GmbH, headed by Mr. Jens Krause, is one of the unique vertical know-how provider for microsurfacing interested companies worldwide. Since 1999 our main focus is providing assistance for companies to understand and apply microsurfacing in a qualified way but adapted to national parameters.

Our experience and reference comes from successful support in many European countries, as well as India, Mid.East, East-Europe and some African countries.

Please feel free to contact us with your individual request of support that we can give to your business.

It may be on level of

  • raw materials as Mineral Mixes and Bitumen Emulsion
  • choice of machinery
  • training of staff
  • partnership establishment for supply of emulsion business related services
  • marketing concepts
  • concepts how to act with governmental bodies


We are happy to come back to you with an individual proposal.





45 years of microsurfacing technology